The Signal is a curated newsletter that is a manifestation of my daily quest to find unexpected articles, poetry, records, and ideas that are inspirational and exciting…that deserve to be paid attention to. To me, the world is on fire, and instead of creating a newsletter that is a mere echo chamber of the stories being read everywhere else, I created a newsletter for those seeking something different. In addition to offering commentary and delving deeper into what resonates as interesting or important to me, The Signal is a celebration of art and music and literature and science...of the strange and weird aspects of our world...of incredible thinkers and doers...of the great journalism lost within the small publications scattered about the Internet.

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While The Signal is free to all who are interested, I have set up a subscription aspect of it for those who see the worth in the newsletter. This venture takes a lot of time to get right, and I am more than happy to have your support for the effort. There are some benefits to being a subscriber as well including a monthly playlist (like this one) with a detailed essay about each included song.

And there is a higher subscription level that comes with a curated LP (or CD if you are so inclined) delivered to your house.

WHO AM I, you ask?

I am a 35+ year music industry veteran, a Grammy-nominated record producer and problematic record collector.  My entire life has been about supporting the artistic voice, which I currently do by being the CEO of Reboot, as well as the President and owner of a bunch of record labels. And of course, my regular celebration of powerful voices, visions, arts, science, and movements is within the cyber walls of The Signal. I have a wife and two kids and together we live atop a mountain near Fairfax, the last hippie bastion of The Bay Area.

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David Katznelson
David Katznelson is a Grammy-nominated record producer and problematic record collector. He currently is the CEO of Reboot & owner of a few of record labels.